branded zones creation

Branded zones are solaris 8 or 9 containers created in a solaris 10 Global zone. By default any non-global zone shares the global zone kernel and has same characteristics as the global zone kernel. But in case of branded zone, BrandZ framework extends the Solaris Zones infrastructure to include the creation of brands, which in turn can be used to create different operating environments to accommodate solaris 8 or solaris 9 Operating systems as non-global zones. The post describes the creation of a Branded zone on Solaris 10 Global zone.

Software requirement

Solaris 9 Containers 1.0.1 SPARC – 64 bit 11842137
Solaris 9 Containers 1.0.1 SPARC – 32 bit 11842136
Solaris 8 Containers 1.0.1 SPARC – 64 bit 11702874
Solaris 8 Containers 1.0.1 SPARC – 32 bit 11702873

Required packages
The required packages that needs to be installed on Solaris 10 are :

Solaris 8 Packages SUNWs8brandr, SUNWs8brandu, SUNWs8brandk
Solaris 9 Packages SUNWs9brandr, SUNWs9brandu, SUNWs9brandk

Creating Flar

# flarcreate -S -n s9-system /var/tmp/s9-system.flar

Branded Zone Configuring

global# zonecfg -z s9-zone # create the zone
zonecfg:s9-zone> create -t SUNWsolaris9 # creates the type as a branded zone
zonecfg:s9-zone> set zonepath=/export/home/s9-zone # set the path to store the zone
zonecfg:s9-zone> set autoboot=true # determines if it is booted when the global comes up
zonecfg:s9-zone> verify # verifies the config for this zone
zonecfg:s9-zone> commit # saves it
zonecfg:s9-zone> exit # exits

Installing Branded Zone

global# zonecfg -z s9-zone info # check the zone info

** I flarred up the Solaris 9 install on the Blade 100 and scp’ed it to the E450 which has sol10

* From the E450 you can either import the flar as an unconfigured Solaris 9 branded zone

Eg. unconfigured Solaris 9 branded zone

global# zoneadm -z s9-zone install -u -a /var/tmp/s9_image.flar

Booting the Zone

global# zoneadm -z s9-zone boot

Branded zone creation complete

global# zlogin -C s9-zone