Converting SVM to VxVm

How to convert the SVM meta devices into VxVM volumes
There are three utilities used to convert SVM meta devices into VxVM volumes.

1) Run the preconvert utility to analyze the current SVM configuration:

# preconvert

The preconvert utility analyzes the current Solaris Volume Manager configuration and builds a description for the new VxVM configuration. preconvert does not make any changes to the Solaris Volume Manager configuration or to the host system.
2) Now run the showconvert utility to display the preconvert conversions plan into readable format.

# showconvert
3) Now run the convertname utility to display the VxVM volume names .

# convertname /dev/md/dsk/d12

Note: The convertname utility takes Solaris Volume Manager device paths as arguments (metadevice paths or raw disk paths) and returns the VxVM volume path for the device as it will show after the conversion.
4) Now run the doconvert utility to start the actual conversion process

# doconvert

5) Now reboot the system to make the changes.