How to configure Sun X86 Blade ILOM

In the last post we have seen how to configure SPARC based servers ILOM. Here i got an opportunity to post ilom configuration on Oracle SUN X86 blade servers.To accommodate these blade servers ,we may need to use SUN 6000 or SUN 8000 chassis. Here the assumption is we have SUN 6000 or SUN 8000 chassis in place and we are going to configure X86 blade servers ilom from those chassis console.

ILOM – X6250, X6270

*Alternate: When you see this note there may be an alternate command or path that is used due to older versions of the LOM)
1. Connect to the CMM:
The SP configuration steps are very similar to the CMM. Connect to the CMM via ssh and navigate to the corresponding location of the blade you are configuring.
ssh sblcxxxx (userid admin)
-> cd /CH/BL[0-9]
2. Set Network configuration (On CMM for a blade):

Ipaddress, netmask and gateway

-> cd /CH/BL[0-9]/SP/network
-> set pendingipaddress=x.x.x.x
-> set pendingipnetmask=255.225.x.x
-> set pendingipgateway=x.x.x.1
-> set pendingipdiscovery=static
-> set commitpending=true
-> show

3. Set User accounts:

Connect to the Blade SP command line interface (cli)

 -> start /CH/BL[0-9]/SP/cli

You will be prompted for the default password, which is changeme. After you login successfully you will now be interacting directly with the blade SP.
(*Alternate: You may see “Connecting to /CH/BLx/SP/cli using single sign on” )

-> set /SP/users/root password
You will be prompted to set the password
-> create /SP/users/admin
You will be prompted to set the password
-> set /SP/users/admin permission=administrator
(*Alternate: set /SP/users/admin role=administrator)
4. Set Network Configuration (ON BLADE SP):

Ipaddress, netmask and gateway-> cd /SP/network

-> set
-> set
-> set pendingipgateway=xx.xx.xx.1
-> set /SP/hostname=xxxxxxxx-lom
-> set pendingipdiscovery=static
-> set commitpending=true

(Alternate: set /SP hostname=xxxxxxx-lom)

5. Set Network time:
-> cd /SP/clock
-> set datetime=MMDDHHMMYYYY
(Alternate: set Date=mm/dd/yyyy set Time=hh:mm:ss)
-> show
-> cd /SP/clients/ntp
-> set server/1 address=x.x.x.x
-> set server/2 address=x.x.x.x
-> show server/1
-> show server/2

Once this configuration is done,then you can directly access the blade server ilom console without chassis.From there you can navigate to OS console using “–> start /SP/console “