SUN LDOMS are completely virtual machines that runs an independent operating systems and  contains its own virtual CPU’s,Storage,Memory, Cryptographic and console….


Configure the Guest domains 

Guest domain is a top level virtual machine which we can create using the control domain. Guest domain will not perform any administrative operation on ldom but runs its own operating system  on it….


Configure the I/O Domain

The guest domain or control domain to access the any I/O (PCI) cards directly from the hardware ,usually that domain is called I/O domain or root domain.By default…


Dynamically add the resources to LDOM

The beauty of LDOM or Oracle VM for SPARC is that resources can be dynamically added or removed from the domains(Primary/Guest). This will help you to perform the load balancing between the guest domains on the physical server..


Guest Domain Live Migration

Logical Domain Migration provides the ability to migrate a logical domain from one host machine to another. The host where the migration is initiated is referred to as the source machine…..


How to Add the Same ISO image file in Multiple LDOMS

need to attach the ISO file to each logical domain, for the first time operating system installation. If you have pre-configured jumpstart……….


LDOM configuration Backup and Restore

configuration can be backed up in XML file and it can be restored  it whenever required.This configuration backup will be very useful for future rebuilding…


Remove Logical Domains and Services

can  easily remove the guest domains in few seconds. The same way you can also remove the virtual disk resources and virtual network resources…