RHEL -7 Installation

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host is a secure, lightweight and minimized footprint operating system that is optimized to run Linux containers. A member of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux family, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host couples the flexible, lightweight and modular capabilities of Linux Containers with the reliability and security of Red Hat Enterprise Linux in a reduced image size.

1. install the RHEL 7 on the VMware virtual machine , create the virtual machine with guest operating system as “Other Linux 3.x kernel 64 bit” (If your hyper-visor is not supports RHEL7)

2. When the system is booting from DVD

You can skip the media check by pressing the Esc key

Select the language and Continue.

Click the “INSTALLATION DESTINATION” , you can select the disks for the installation. You have option to add the disk from ISCSI or FC  for SAN boot.  ” Add a Disk ” option will take you there. Here I have selected the Local disk for the installation . Click on “Done”  to continue.

Select The Device you like to install

Click on “Network & Hostname”  (Refer screenshot – step 4) to configure the system network and setting the hostname.  You need to “Turn on” the Ethernet adapter to configure the host in network.  (By clicking the “OFF” button).

Click on “Configure” to set the static IP-address. By Default , it has chosen the DHCP IP address.

Here you can see the IP-address which have been configured in the previous screen.

Let’s begin the installation .


Installation completed successfully