Solaris 11

Solaris  operating system is rapidly changing from version to version. There were  a lot difference between Solaris 9 , Solaris 10 , Solaris 11 But people were able to grab the changes quickly in the past when it was transformed from Solaris 8/9 to Solaris 10.



Solaris Hostname Changing

Here is the step by step procedure to change/rename hostname on Solaris 11. In Solaris 10 all we know that we need to edit few files in order to change the hostname, but in Solaris 11 we need to change the hostname in SMF service level. Let we can start doing that.


Solaris IPS

Image packaging system which is main feature in Oracle Solaris 11, Its a network based package management (Repositories) and it provides complete software administration such as installation, upgrade and removal of Packages in easiest way. 



 Solaris 11 Basic Networking

Solaris 11 comes with profile-based network configurations which contains manual (Fixed Network configuration profile – NCP) and Automatic (reactive-Network Configuration profile – NCP) modes. Also introduced Network Auto-Magic (NWAM) features.