Solaris Hardware

Oracle Super Cluster

Oracle supercluster is fastest and most scalable engineering systems specially designed for enterprise level computing.Don’t not think that supercluster is alternative product for sun cluster or veritas cluster..

 How to Generate Crash Dump When the Solaris OS is Hung

This post explains about  forcing a system crash dump when the system is in a hang condition and crashdump files are required for Oracle root cause analysis.In most cases, a system crash dump of a hung system can be forced. But this won;t work in all type of system hang conditions..

 How to configure Sun X86 Blade ILOM

In the last post we have seen how to configure SPARC based servers ILOM. Here i got an opportunity to post ilom configuration on Oracle SUN X86 blade servers…

Sun ILOM – T5220-T5240- x4600- X4450 configure

ILOM is an independent system controller providing a command-line interface and web based interface on T-series oracle sun server hardware’s like T5120, T5220, T5240, T5440 T3, T-4 servers.

 How to take SUN hardware Console

Unlike other hardware vendors,Sun microsystems hardware console differ from model to model.For an example ,In M-series servers you will get XSCF prompt….

 Oracle server-Virtualization

OS Virtualization is a hot topic in the IT market.All the operating system developers and OEM are keep on introducing new virtualization technologies day by day. Have you ever asked why is it so import in infrastructure management ?

 sun M-series XSCF snapshot generating

Oracle SUN M-series has an new extended System Control Facility (XSCF) firmware with powerful console prompt. XSCF has its own processor to monitor the server hardware.Even though the server is down,XSCF will be always available until power supply coming to the server.

 How to Find SUN server serial number

Are you breaking your head to find the Sun/oracle server serial number from Solaris operating system  ? Many times it is required to get support from hardware vendor and every time we can’t go back to look at the server builds books to find it.

 M-series  Arch Guide
 T-Series Arch Guide