Solaris Patching zone are in veritas control

Solaris 10 OS patching using Liveupgrade method.Here we are going to see traditional OS patching where your root filesystem is UFS.The setup which i took is some what complex one. Here the global zone is part of veritas cluster and couple of zones are controlled by VCS and one zone is non-cluster.

Root FS is mirrored using SVM

Break the mirror before start the patching for roll-back purpose

Please stop all VCS scripts before starting the patching, it should not not start wile rebooting the m/c it kills our time to stop vcs  again and again.

Step by Step procedure

1.  Copy and unzipped the patching byndle

2. check the installed zones

# zoneadm list -cvv

Here zone1 and 2 are in VCS control ; Zone 3 not in VCS control

3. Change the cluster ID for the cluster to run in single node mode./

# cp –p /etc/llttab /etc/llttab.before_Patching
# vi /etc/llttab

set-cluster <num>

need to do the pre-checks wit necessary backups

df -h;metastat -p; metastat;vxprint -hvt; netstat -rn,vxdisk -o alldgs list;vxdg list

4. Split the mirror
– Split the mirror and then clear the detached sub-mirrors.
– Remove the Meta-State DB replicas.

5. Shutdown the VCS

# hastop -local

The local zones that are not controlled by VCS, do:
Log into the local zones, and shut them down nicely.

karri1# zlogin -C local-zone-name
local-zone-name# shutdown -i5 -g0 –y

Disable VCS automatic start

karri1#cd /etc/rc2.d
karri1#mv S71llt _S71llt
karri1#mv S95gab _S95gab
karri1#cd /etc/rc3.d
karri1#mv S99vcs _S99vcs

6.#import all the  zones disk group manually and start the volumes
Bring the Global (test1) server down to ”’single-user”’ mode.

 karri1# reboot — -s

7. mount all the zone root manually

karri1#mount –F vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/zone1-root/vol1 /export/zones1
karri1#mount –F vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/zone2-root/vol2 /export/zones2
karri1#mount –F vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/zone3-root/vol3 /export/zones3

8. Install the  PatchBundle:

karri1# cd /var/tmp/10_Recommended
karri1# ./installcluster –s10cluster

Now you need to reboot before installing the Veritas Patches Cluster

karri1# sync;sync;sync
karri1#reboot — -s

Make sure the server has booted properly.

karri1# svcs -xv   (verify the svcs output)

9.Mount all the zone root manually again

karri1#mount –F vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/zone-root-zone1/vol01 /export/zones1
karri1#mount –F vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/zone-root-zone2/vol02 /export/zones2
karri1#mount –F vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/zone-root-zone3/vol01 /export/zones3

10.For zone1 & zone2 which are in VCS control,

zoneadm -z zone_name attach -u
zoneadm -z zone_name boot
# install HBA patch on global karri1
# install Veritas MP3RP4 patch on global karri1
./installrp karri1
– make sure MP3RP4 is installed
#pkginfo –l VRTSvcs

11.Put back VCS start up script

karri1#cp –p /etc/llttab.before_Patching /etc/llttab 
karri1#cd /etc/rc2.d
karri1#mv _S71llt S71llt
karri1#mv _S95gab _S95gab
karri1#cd /etc/rc3.d
karri1#mv _S99vcs S99vcs

Reboot the machine

init 6

Re-enable the SVM mirror again.