Sun RSC cheat sheat

Connecting console and logging out

RSC> console

RSC> logout

Use “~.” to come out of the OS login, back to RSC. In case the escape character ~. doesn’t work check for the escape character from OS :

# /usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin/rscadm show escape_charescape_char=”#.”

If the console is busy fire either of the command from RSC and OS respectively :

RSC> resetrsc# /usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin/rscadm resetrsc

User Administration

RSC> usershow  user_name                   — shows characteristics of user

RSC> useradd user_name                     — Add RSC user

RSC> userpassword user_name                — Set/change user password

RSC> userdel user_name                     — Delete a RSC user

RSC> userperm user_name                    — Set authorization for a user

RSC> password                              — changes your password

Poweron/Poweroff/Break/Reset Commands

RSC> poweron          — Power on the server

RSC> poweroff         — Power off the server

RSC> break            — Sends break signal to OS

RSC>resetrsc          — Resets RSC immediately

RSC>reset             — resets server immediately

Network related Commands

To set RSC IP address from OS rscadm command

# ./rscadm set ip_mode config

# ./rscadm set ip_addr

# ./rscadm set ip_netmask

# ./rscadm set ip_gateway

# ./rscadm resetrsc

We can also use the rsc-config script ( # /usr/platform/`uname -i`/rsc/rsc-config ) to configure the IP address. To set the RSC IP address from RSC cli :

RSC> set ip_addr> set ip_netmask> set ip_gateway> resetrsc

Errors/logs capturing commands

RSC> helpRSC> showenvironment

RSC> consolehistory

RSC> consolehistory boot  — most recent POST and boot messages

RSC> consolehistory run  —> most recent data received fro server OS

RSC> loghistoryRSC> show

RSC> showsc

Other Commands

RSC> showlocator        — shows locator LED status (V480 only)

RSC> setlocator         — Turn the system locator LED on or off (V480 only)

RSC> shownetwork        — shows current RSC network configuration

RSC> date               — Display/set current date and time

RSC> showdate           — shows current date and time

RSC> version            — Reports the RSC version

OS commands to manage RSC

Solaris rscadm subcommands: (path = # /usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin/rscadm)

help               — Displays a list of rscadm commands

date               — Displays/sets the current time and date

set                — Sets a configuration variable

show               — Displays configuration variables

shownetwork        — Shows current RSC network configuration

loghistory         — shows log history

resetrsc           — Resets RSC immediately

useradd            — Adds an RSC user account

userdel            — Deletes an RSC user account

usershow           — Shows characteristics of an RSC user account

userpassword       — Sets/changes a user’s password

userperm           — Sets the authorization for a user

version            — Reports the RSC version on the host

status             — Same as the version -v command

OBP commands

ok> rsc-hard-reset      — perform a hard RSC resetok> rsc-soft-reset      — perform a soft RSC resetok> .rsc                — displays RSC info