Zettabyte File System

ZFS (Zettabyte FileSystem) is a file system designed by Sun Microsystems for the Solaris Operating System. ZFS is a 128-bit file system, so it can address 18 billion billion times more data than the 64-bit systems ZFS is implemented as open-source filesystem, licensed under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL)….


ZFS Properties

The breakthrough file system in Solaris 10 delivers virtually unlimited capacity, provable data integrity, and near-zero administration. ZFS, the dynamic new file system in Sun’s Solaris 10 Operating System , will make you forget everything you thought you knew about file systems……


ZFS Administration

This book is intended for anyone responsible for setting up and administering Oracle ZFS file systems. Topics are described for both SPARC and x86 based systems, where appropriate……..


Increaing a ZPOOL

There is only one way to extend the rpool space.Please see the below steps:
1.Add a bigger size root hard disk.(i.e If current root disk is 40GB,then add 80GB harddisk)
2.Mirror the rpool using the new 80GB harddsik…….

ZFS Fail safe

How to boot system with  a ZFS root FS in failsafe mode….

Auto Expanding the LUN in ZFS

The autoexpand property is disabled by default so you can decide whether you want the LUN expanded or not.A LUN can also be expanded by using the zpool online -e command. For example…..

Assigning / Deligating the Zpool to Local Zone

Oracle is marketing Oracle’s ZFS(Zeta Byte filesystem) is the next generation filesystem. If you say next generation filesystem,will it be enhanced to support OS virtualization ? Yes.It is.Unlike VXVM, we can delegate the entire zpool to local zones.So that we can manage the entire zpool from the local zone level without logging in to global zone.It includes creating new ZFS dataset,destroying existing dataset and managing  the zfs snapshots of delegated zpools. Here will see, how to delegate the entire zpool to local zones and how to assign  the zfs datasets to local zones using various methods …….

Zpool Degraded state

Most ZFS troubleshooting involves the zpool status command. This command analyzes the various failures in a system and identifies the most severe problem, presenting you with a suggested action and a link to a knowledge article for more information. Note that the command only identifies a single problem with a pool, though multiple problems can exist. For example…..